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It’s mainly a PDF, written like a comic book, that you will receive via download link for after signing up. It has four sections: an overview with all the links to all the essential materials, a section on creating an eBook, a section on creating an eBook cover, and a section on converting the eBook into a publishable Kindle eBook.

Each section also contains a quick check-list of all the actions taken in that section, and another section with a more detailed instructions and heavily illustrated with screen-captures.

There is also access to a totally free online support Web site where we will post additional instructional materials and resources.

Absolutely! While we know we could easily sell this package for good money, we also know there are so many that would be left out if we did. We are educators at heart and can’t bear to think of leaving anybody behind over earning a few dollars.

We want to keep you updated with the latest instruction including the latest versions of the free software. And we want to notify you when we release more cover images, new templates, etc.

FYI, while creating this instruction, new versions of the software came out a couple of times causing us to redo all our work and making us re-evaluate how the eCourse would be re-designed and updated.

You may already have the wonderful Microsoft Office Suite. So do we. But LibreOffice makes it much easier to create and use our templates. And the LibreOffice Suite has something that Microsoft Office does not, a very good drawing program that is essential for creating your book covers.

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